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Q. Why have a Rotary e-Club, instead of a traditional Rotary club?
A. Rotary e-Clubs are for individuals restricted in their professional schedule, travel, personal mobility, or location such that it is not possible to meet attendance requirements of a traditional Rotary club, which is typically a weekly meeting in a specific location.

Q. Can a Rotarian do a makeup by simply signing on to an eClub site?
A. No. Use the links on our e-Club NY1 to complete a makeup request form and follow the instructions. In order to get a makeup card the visitor must read the current and/or past program, complete the online makeup form (in approximately 100 words) and be prepared to share ideas with your club. An easy online way to learn!

Q. Will e-Club membership be an easier way to be a Rotarian?
A. No. The same basic membership standards required for membership in a traditional Rotary club will apply for membership in a our Rotary e-Club NY1. A person must be invited to join, a membership fee is charged. Members are required to complete a minimum of 9 Participation Units per quarter (online makeups and project participation). Rotarians and former Rotarians who meet our special criteria are invited to apply.

Q. What will be the process for members of an existing Rotary club who believe they meet the criteria and want to join our Rotary e-Club NY1?
A. The individual must apply through his current club president or District Governor. Each application must follow the normal review by our NY1 Cyber Club leadership. Rotarians in any Rotary District in any country may apply. English is our official club language.

Q. Will Rotary e-Clubs hold meetings at a specific time, as do traditional Rotary clubs?
A. No. Attendance measurement in the Rotary eClub NY1 will be based on the level of participation by a member in the Service Above Self Rotary projects and/or key activities of our e-Club.

Q. How do eClub Rotarians meet membership and meeting criteria?
Our members must either 1a.) participate in our e-Club Project(s) and 1b.) log on twice a month to review materials on our Rotary e-Club NY1 website (submitting online makeups) - OR, 2.a) those members who are unable to be involved physically with our projects will need to somehow be involved with Rotary (either in their community or monetarily supporting our projects), and 2.b) log on to our Rotary eClubNY1 website three times per month, review materials and submit online makeups. Sign in can be done 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Q. What will eClub One dues cost?
A. As with every Rotary club, dues will be determined by the membership of Rotary e-Club NY1.

Q. Friendships is a Rotary ingredient. Is there proof friendships are developed over the Internet.
A. Yes, friendships are developed over the Internet, just as friendships are developed by pen pals. Many of us know of people meeting on the Internet and helping each other, or becoming friends.

Q. Traditional Rotary clubs have a tie to their local community. Will Rotary e-Club NY1 be tied to a local community?
A. Rotary e-Club's "community" is tied to our common commitment to Service Above Self via the Four-way Test. There are no geographic boundaries. Our Cyber Club members may either physically participate in projects in our local community or monetarily support projects - or for those out of the country or out of the district, contribute to Rotary projects in their community. Submit them via our makup form.

Q. Will Rotary e-Club NY1 allow me to attend "meetings" from anywhere in the world?"
A. Yes. If a member can obtain access to the Internet they will be able to sign on to our Rotary e-Club NY1 website and perform the functions that are necessary to demonstrate attendance at a meeting. A member can makeup at any other Rotary club in the world and that makeup will be credited as a service hour.

Q. Are Rotary e-Club NY1 members eligible to visit other Rotary Clubs?
A. Yes. Rotary e-Club NY1 is a chartered club of Rotary International. Its members have all the privileges and obligations of Rotarians in any club.

Q. How many members do you currently have?
Rotary eClub NY1 has 26 members (3-08). We were chartered in 2004 with 7 members. Our membership consists of experienced Rotarians who are unable to belong to a traditional Rotary Club because they reside at a remote location or are engaged in a demanding travel schedule, plus new Rotarians who have become members through our eClub. Without Rotary eClub NY1, all would be lost to Rotary. Our members have given over 200 years service to Rotary. Rotary eClub NY1 provides the opportunity for them to continue to serve.

Q. How do you publicize your web site?
We publicize it through our bi-weekly Memos, through our presentations at Zone, District, and International meetings. Additionally, District Governors throughout the world have recognized the value of Rotary eClub NY1, and have been spreading the word. Search engines have also generated excellent visitor traffic to our website.

Q. How frequently are makeups? During the last Rotary year, Rotary eClub NY1 averages 500 Rotarian visitors per week who participated in one of our meeting programs and applied for a make-up credit.

Q. What's the #one thing Rotarians who are interested in joining eClub NY1 should know?
In the case of Rotary eClub NY!, each member must commit to a minimum of 10 hours personal service per calendar quarter. Several of our members exceed the minimum, a tangible demonstration of commitment to our ideal of service. The range and variety of service projects reflects our members diverse community interests.

Q. Do you offer more than just quick make-ups?
Rotary eClub NY1 is a full-service chartered Rotary Club in every aspect of its management and activities, except that we do not meet for a meal, and our meetings operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On any day, visitors can select from more than 12 current meeting programs ranging from Rotary information, news about our club, and a personal growth department for Rotarians. There are over 100 additional programs in the archives.

Rotary eClub NY1 members are actively engaged in Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service and Youth Service projects. These include a Vocational Training Center for girls and women in India with our twin Club in Tirupur, clean water for villages in Haiti, youth development and computer equipment for The Children’s Museum in Utica NY, partnering with local and global Interact and Rotaract Clubs. Rotary eClub NY1 has consistently been awarded the Rotary International Presidential Citation for service.

Q. Who are your members?
All members are Rotarians who sought membership of Rotary eClub NY1 because their professional commitments precluded them from participation in traditional terra Rotary Clubs. Several of our members travel constantly. Their membership of Rotary eClub NY1 gives them access to their eClub anywhere there is an Internet connection. Some are highly experienced Rotarians who have already contributed elsewhere as Club President or District Governor.

Q. How does someone join Rotary eClub NY1?
Membership in Rotary eClub NY1 is not an easy option to becoming a Rotarian. Requirements for admission to any Rotary club are stringent. For current Rotarians, Rotary eClub NY1 adds additional requirements including, written references from two (2) current Rotarians who will vouch for the applicant. Rigorous screening of applicants is a necessary first step to ensure excellence.

Q. Do you have a home District, and are your International?
Rotary eClub NY1 is part of District 7150 in New York State, USA. Our members reside in the United States, Germany, France, Philippines, Sweden, and Japan. All meetings, club business and club projects are conducted in English.

Q. How does Rotary eClub NY1 support the Rotary Foundation?
Rotary eClub NY1 has successfully achieved a goal of US $100 per member per year in Annual Giving every year since our inception. In addition, we have actively supported Matching Grants, Polio Plus, and the Permanent Fund. A number of our members are Paul Harris Fellows, and two are Major Donors.

Q. How can you have fellowship in Rotary eClub NY!?
We are often asked if fellowship can thrive in a club with members living in several countries. With email, voice over IP, conference calls, collaborative software and face-to-face meetings, we have become a cohesive group of friends who share the excitement of Rotary and family news with our fellow members.

We provide an opportunity for all our members to meet face-to-face once a year at an event prior to the Rotary International Convention.

NOTE...Rotary eClub NY1 of District 7150 was been approved by Rotary International as an "eClub" project. Fully chartered under the guidelines as set forth by Rotary International Board of Directors, this website is the official meeting place of Rotary eClub ONY1 of District 7150.

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